Light's Path Version 0.1 Update

10. apr. 2022

Everything flat must go

In case you haven't seen or played the original game, make sure to take a look at it, so you'll better understand the concept of the game. First order of business was to make the game 3D. Since I have never finished a 3D game before there was a lot to learn. As you can see I've sort of limited my selft to an almost 2D like enviroment as there is no movement on the third axis for the player. After I managed to get a pretty good feel for gravity, running and jumping I was able to pretty quickly include the rest of the basic mechanics.

New posibilities

The 3D world opened up new opportunities for me and my game development skills. I decided to add some depth to the ground which allowed me to place some objects in the background. Of course I currently don't have any models so a cube in the background will do. At this point I'm not convinced about this as I'm thinking it might be a bit of a distraction for the player. But I'm keeping it for now and hopefully when I improve both my modelling and 3D game development skills I'll be able to make the background look not distracting or clearly seperated from the rest of the game world. I'm thinking this can be achieved either through color in lightning.


While I've done some simple stuff in 3D before, I've never even touched multiplayer. So I knew this is going to be a big challenge but I really wanted to make this idea come to life. So I took a couple of courses and with a lot of effort I was able to prove to myself that it is possible. With basic movement working in multiplayer I got a lot more motivation for the project. I always like to tackle the hardest things about the project first. I'm thinking that if I can't prove that it's possible for me to do it then why would I spend years polishing the game and then not being able to implement a core feature. I think that's a good way to approach any new game you're developing since the proof of concept can be done rather quickly and then it's just about iterating and polishing.

You can also take a look at the video version of this devlog here.