Game Developer




Welcome to my game developer page page. Here you can follow my game developer journey or find a blog and tutorials on game development to improve your skills. It's a very friendly way to start game development if you don't have any experience. I'll be happy if you give me feedback or follow me, so you'll be updated when I post a new blog post or if you're interested in the progress of my games - socials are bellow.

My journey so far

I've started learning game development at the start of 2020. I've chosen Unity as my game engine and it's still how I develop most of my games. I've developed some somewhat finished games with JavaScript and I've tested Monogame and Godot for some personal projects.

Fun fact: my "artistic name" BuckySide came from the first village in Project BodyFrame, I don't remember how I came up with it, but I liked it ever since.

My games

In the "Games" section you can take a look at the portfolio of my games, some are a result of a game jam, some of other challenges and some simply the result of learning new things.


If you're looking to get into game development or you're searching for game development tutorials, you can find those in the "Blogs" page under Game development tutorials. There is a fun pixel art aspect to every post, so learning has never been more fun.

There you can also find updates about the progress of my games. Each game that's currently in progress has a section where you can find posts which I add when there's enough progress for an update.