Save the pets!

! Important message !

This game is the first version of the now released mobile game. I've decided to leave it here since the mobile game is quite different to this one and it's nice to see the difference. If you want to play a polished version of the game download Free The Pets on iOS or Android.

Goal of the game:

The squares represent the animals lost in the wilderness.The number tells you how many treats the animals need to return to you and the color changes the closer you get to regaining the pets trust. Save as many animals as you can!

How the game works:

At the bottom of the game screen, you can see the amount of pets you've saved as well as the amount of treats you've already fed the animals. Each new row of animals that appears will require more treats for you to feed. But don't worry, you get an extra treat each round. Also keep in mind there is level progression in the game. For example, when you save 35 pets, you advance to level 2, where each round two new roads of pets will spawn. You'll recieve an indicator in the bottom right corner, where your pet will notify you of the level up.

Instructions for the game:

Use your mouse to drag and draw a line where you want to fire your treats, release the button, when ready. The treats will bounce of the animals, once they hit the bottom, they will return and refill the treats you have to feed the animals again.


The game is not optmised for mobile devices, so please play it on PC. If you like the game and would like to play it on mobile let me know (socials are bellow).

Do you like the game?

Version 1.0:

This is the first version of the game. The one I felt is polished enough to be published. There are still some features missing and a lot of room for improvement so if you like this game make sure to download Free The Pets on iOS or Android.

What's planned for the future


This game will not be updated because I've finished the mobile version which is completly polished, make sure to read more about the mobile game.