Free the pets!

When and how can you play?

You can download Free The Pets on iOS or Android for free.

What is the game about?

There's a bit of a story element to the game with your goal being saving as many pets as you can. The gameplay is easy to master and the challenges are never ending. It's the perfect game if you're waiting for an appointment, need to relax or you know... taking a number two.


Noone likes ads and they don't belong in games - that's my opinion. I'll be estatic if people can enjoy my game and the best way to do it is ad free. If you'd like to support me besides being awesome and playing my game - a review will go a long way and there's a store where you can purchase cosmetics. I'm working hard on making them look and feel awesome so hopefully they're worth it.

My first published game

I'm working on a couple of games that I'm planing to release on PC, but this is my first finished product. That's why I would appreciate any feedback and you can always support me by taking a look at my social media (socials are bellow).

Game trailer

Development of the game

I've made a short "making of" YouTube series where you can see which problems I've tackled throughout development. Here is part 1 of nine (make sure to check out my YouTube channel for the rest).