Light's Path Version 0.11 Update

05. may. 2022

Basics that are missing

It was time to focus on some core mechanics that were either missing or not working as I wanted. The first order of business was to polish the jump and after that I wanted to implement the ladders and the boxes since they were very important in the original game. Implementing these features was a breeze since it was basically the same as it was in the original game. This provided me with a nice core set of movement for this puzzle platformer. I've also played around with the lightning a bit more. I've implemented some scene lights and a flashlight for a player.

More than a cube

It was time to test my self making some 3D models. Using Blender I got something resembeling a ladder and for the box I did something atleast a bit more interesting compared to a normal cube. The most difficult part for me was exporting from Blender and importing into Unity. The models would either break or the materials were missing. It was a very new world to me so it was extremly confusing. Once I realized my mistakes to it was a lot easier and as long as I don't forget the things I learned it should never be a problem again.

You can also take a look at the video version of this devlog here.