Light's Path

Goal of the game:

Solve the puzzle in each of the platformer levels. Find and collect the three golden chests and then navigate to the finish. Stay away from lights and enemy guards since they can trigger a search event. If you find yourself in one, make sure you can't be found until things cool down.

Game trailer

Instructions for the game:

Play the tutorial level to get familiar with the buttons and the goal of the game.


The game is not optimized for mobile devices, so please play it on PC.

Do you like the game?

Version 1.0 - Brackeys Game Jam

This game was made for Brackeys Game Jam in 7 days. There is a lot of features that got cut due to the time limit but an update is in the works.

I want to know how you made this game

The whole development was streamed on my Twitch channel and there's a YouTube video with a short recap, make sure to check out my socials down bellow.

What's planned for the future

Version 2.0:

The next version is already in the works, make sure to check out my Twitch and YouTube where you can follow the development of the game.

  • From 2D to 3D
  • A lot more levels
  • Weapon selection
  • Improved search event
  • Settings menu
  • A super duper out of this world multiplayer mode