The Four

Strategy world building game

You're responsible for the four families that have left the crazy world of the future where robots run the society. They've entered an agreement with the robots that they can live on the islands far from modern society. They find themselfs stranded but at peace and one with nature. How will their lifes play out? That's up to you.

Game so far

I'm currently working on exploring different approaches that will allow me to develop all of the systems needed to make this game happen. I'm not able to reveal too much about the game just yet since it's very early on in the development, so stay tuned for updates.

Currently there is no devlog but here's a nice screenshot:

How can you follow the progress?

My updates are very hot and cold, sometimes I pump them out like crazy but then nothing for a couple of months. Development is a marathon and I try to focus on it and I ussualy run out of time to provide updates. However I try to post updates to either to my YouTube channel or you can take a look at the Blogs section of my website and find updates about the game there. Every now and then you can also get small sneak peaks on my Twitter