Suspenders Joe

Goal of the game:

It's a fast paced high score chasing game I made for Score Space Game Jam #14 2021. You have to match as many stones as possible for each stone merged you recieve a point.


Instructions for the game:

There is a help menu in game to help you with controls and a color matching legend as you play.


The game is not optmised for mobile devices, so please play it on PC.

The game can be downloaded for free on my itch page.

Play Suspenders Joe on ITCH

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Version 1.0 - Score Space Game Jam #14 2021

This game was made for Score Space Game Jam #14 2021 in 2 days. There is a lot of features that got cut due to the time limit but an update is in the works.

Game world

The play area is quite big given the 2 day time limit and it's divided into 3 play sectors. Each offers a unique feel and look to the game and if you don't care about the highscore you can roam around and see the size of the world.

What's planned for the future

Version 2.0:

There are currently no plans for me to work on the game but if I decide to work on it here are the first things that need improvement:

  • A more interactive tutorial
  • Game balance - after recieving good feedback from the jam testers
  • More variety - either game world or rules changing each time
  • More replay value - either unlocks or a level system
  • Settings menu