Spaceship Alpha

Goal of the game:

Defeat all of the enemy space ships and formations in the wave in order to proceed to the next one. With each level your space ship recieves an upgrade but the enemies also evolve. Try to get the best high score!


How the game works:

The controls are simple and the gameplay is familiar to classic space shooters. Navigate your ship and shoot down the enemies.


The game is not optmised for mobile devices, so please play it on PC. If you like the game and would like to play it on mobile let me know (socials are bellow).

The game can be downloaded for free on my itch page.

Play Spaceship Alpha on ITCH

Do you like the game?

Version 1.0:

The game was made in a 7 day challenge and because of it, it lacks some features but the core gameplay is polished.

What's planned for the future

Version 2.0:

There are a lot of ways to improve the game, things beyond the 7 day scope and these include:

  • Ship shop instead of level up per level
  • Levels with a few waves
  • More and different ships
  • More and different waves and upgrades
  • Shield animation
  • Settings menu