Snake Or Food

About the game:

It looks like a snake game, it plays like a snake game but it's not. Well you're not the snake are you? How the turn tables.

What is your objective as the food for the snake? To not feed it of course. Sounds easier than it is. What you can experience in the game is the fact that once the snake does not eat the food, it multiplies, making life for the snake easier, but harder for the food.

Game Jam Devlog:

Instructions for the game:

To learn how to play, check out the How to play menu in game.


The game is not optimized for mobile devices, so please play it on PC.

Snake Or Food - Updated version (includes post jam content).

The original jam game

You can play the original jam game on my page here.

How did the jam go

It's my first game jam as a dad, which brought some new challenges and approaches. First of I had a full on baby simulator game ready, but it was probably amusing just to me. And then the classic - even less time.

I made the game in 2 evenings, basically in one, since the first one was used for the baby simulator. I've done most things from scratch, I've reused my scripts for audio and parts of code from others. Can't really talk about 3d models here, but I did in fact hand place the cubes in position, other than what's controlled with the code of course.

*Added last second: Compared to the screenshot there's now an outline to every text to improve readability.


I've "professionally" recorded most of the sound effects except for:

Game win and lose sound effects, taken from:

Background music:

Proof of concept (post jam content added)

Why is the game not finished?

After some excitment after tha game jam, I've decided that this is the game I'd like to add some content to. Besides that I had some unique ideas for the game which on paper looked like they would combine into a fun game.

What's part of the post jam content?

  • Special in game events
  • A new global highscore system
  • Jump kicks
  • Completly new game loop
  • New visuals
  • New sounds
  • Snake interactions (can now destroy it self)
  • Improved snake path finding and food chasing
  • Improved controls (can now hold to move)
  • Polishing the bugs

What's planned for the future

Full game release

After finishing up the planned post jam content the project is currently on pause. If there is an audiance I would love to work on this game and release it a sa full game, some main feature I'm looking forward to adding are:

  • Actual 3D models
  • More events
  • Different game modes
  • Multiplayer - kind of co-op style
  • Improved visuals
  • Improved sounds
  • A new system for the snake to be even more inteligent
  • Singleplayer campaign with achievemnts and upgrades
  • Competative/speed run multiplayer game modes