Light's Path 3D

High action puzzle shooter platformer

It is the 3D update you've been waiting for... or atleast the 3D update I had in mind. The game will include the platforming puzzles from the original version with a lot more levels and even more mechanics that will really tickle your brain. I'm also working on an exciting multiplayer mode for the game.

Game so far

A lot from the original game is already recreated in this 3D version. That's in terms of game mechanics atleast. The ground work for the multiplayer part of the game is also done. What remains though is still a lot. There are no actual 3D models in the game yet (unless you count cubes and capsules as actual models) and there is also no menu, no game saving, no actual playable levels. It's not all dark I promise, I can happily report that the feel of the core mechanics is excelent and captures the feel of the original game.

Here is the latest devlog:


I have to admit, I've never made an actual multiplayer game. But a couple of years back I've never made an actual game and look at me now, I make squares move fast or slow. Jokes aside, it's an exciting thing learn about making a multiplayer game. I've take courses to learn the basics and it's all about building on those. The idea for the mode is a platformer mixed with battle royale. An odd combination? Maybe but I feel like it has great potential. I'll reveal more about how it will work when the development will be far enough along. Just so you know, I don't make any promises I can't keep.

Feel of the game

I really liked the feel of the original game and to be fair I recieved good feedback from the jam testers. The feel is fast paced while having to really think about solving the puzzle. The idea of a heist with guards chasing you introduced a nice combination of things to look out for.

How can you follow the progress?

My updates are very hot and cold, sometimes I pump them out like crazy but then nothing for a couple of months. Development is a marathon and I try to focus on it and I ussualy run out of time to provide updates. However I try to post updates to either to my YouTube channel or you can take a look at the Blogs section of my website and find updates about the game there. Every now and then you can also get small sneak peaks on my Twitter